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What is Oral Surgery?

Oral Surgery in Central PA

Oral surgery is the name given to any surgical procedure that is performed in or around your jaw and mouth that is performed by a dentist who is specially trained and educated to perform specific oral surgery procedures.

The term oral surgery actually refers to a large number of surgical procedures from tooth removal, wisdom tooth extraction, and maxillofacial surgery. Most procedures performed by an oral surgeon go beyond the expertise or capabilities of a general dentist, which is why your dentist will typically refer you to a local oral surgeon.

Why do I need to get oral surgery?

If you’ve been referred to an oral surgeon by your family dentist, you are probably experiencing a dental issue that needs the immediate attention of a dentist who is specially trained and educated on more advanced surgical techniques. This includes tooth and jaw procedures that require expertise beyond a general dentist such as wisdom teeth removal, gum grafts, bone grafts, pathology and biopsy, dental implants and more. 

In addition to issues involving your teeth, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon is able to diagnose problems with jaw alignment including injuries and problems that may require surgery and corrective procedures to fix. An oral surgeon can perform reconstructive and jaw surgery to relieve pain, improve airways, and help the patient be able to eat and chew food more comfortably. 

What makes an oral surgeon different from a dentist?

An oral surgeon has to have completed a minimum of a four-year residency, usually in a hospital-based surgical environment. This is on-top of their seven to eight years in college and dental school just to become a dentist. Because of the amount of schooling and training that an oral surgeon must complete before being able to practice, they’re equipped with the ability to manage complications and situations that arise from more in-depth procedures that a general dentist may not feel comfortable or be capable of performing.

When your dentist refers you to an oral surgeon they’re recommending you to who they feel is the best in their region and to someone who they’re confident in knowing you’ll receive the best care for your particular oral health issue. By scheduling an appointment with an oral surgeon, you’re choosing to visit a specially trained doctor who is trained specifically to perform the procedure that you need while being able to handle a wide variety of issues that can arise from more in-depth oral health complications.

When you choose to come to Alfano Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, you’re choosing to receive the care that you deserve.

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