Tooth Extractions

Having a tooth pulled (teeth extractions)

Sometimes a tooth is beyond the point that it can be saved or it is causing damage to the surrounding teeth, so it needs to be pulled.

Why you might have to have a tooth pulled

Your adult teeth are meant to last you a lifetime, and with proper care they can hold-up for a very long time. But sometimes a tooth reaches a point that it needs to be extracted from the mouth. There are multiple reasons you might have to have a tooth pulled, and your dentist will discuss the options you have before pulling it.

The main reason for pulling a tooth from your mouth is that it has reached a point where it is too badly damaged to be repaired by your dentist. This can include damage from tooth decay or from trauma. 

Other reasons you may have to have a tooth extracted can include a crowded mouth, infections, and periodontal disease. 

What to expect when having a tooth extracted

Your oral surgeon can perform tooth extractions and it’s normally a quick outpatient process involving an injection of a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to be removed. After numbing the area, the tooth will be pulled and the socket where the tooth was, will be packed with gauze to stop any minimal bleeding. If needed, dissolvable stitches may be added to close the gums up for proper healing.

After a tooth extraction, your dentist will send you home to recover, which is a fairly quick process. We’ll also send you home with some tips and suggestions and methods for pain reduction. 

After the initial healing process, your mouth might experience some changes as new gum and bone grow in to fill the gap where your tooth used to be. This can also cause the missing teeth to shift and could affect your bite or ability to chew properly, causing discomfort. If this starts to happen, your dentist might recommend replacing the missing teeth with a dental implant or bridge to restore your smile and provide maximum comfort.

Talk to your dentist about tooth extractions and the proper care after you’ve had a tooth pulled in order to maintain comfortable and proper dental health.