Expose & Bond

Expose & Bond Impacted Teeth

Typically when you hear the term “impacted tooth” you think of the wisdom tooth, but other teeth can be impacted. Having an impacted tooth means that it has been blocked from entering the mouth and an oral surgeon can help it into proper position through a process called expose and bond which includes some outpatient procedures followed up with orthodontic treatments.

What is the expose & bond process?

If you’re experiencing problems with unerupted teeth and they haven’t been coming in on the usual timeline, your dentist or orthodontist might refer you to us for a procedure called expose and bond. 

This is a simple procedure where our doctors will expose the unerupted or impacted tooth and then attach it to a bracket and connect it to your orthodontics.

Follow-up visits with your orthodontist will allow your doctor to slowly move the newly exposed tooth into the proper position, aligned with your other teeth!

Why is it important to expose an impacted tooth?

There are a few reasons your dentist or orthodontist might recommend having an impacted tooth exposed. The main reason is that the tooth is highly unlikely to become un-impacted on it’s own. In addition to giving it some help breaking through, exposing and bonding will prevent the tooth from damaging the roots of the surrounding teeth, prevent other health issues and ensure that it doesn’t push other adjacent teeth out of position as it grows and disrupts other teeth.

To learn more about our expose and bond process, contact us or bring it up at your next orthodontist appointment.