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Can wisdom teeth grow back after they’ve been removed?

Wisdom teeth bring a lot of questions but many people wonder if these teeth will grow back after they’re removed after they’ve been extracted?

No, wisdom teeth do not grow back after they’ve been removed. It is possible, however, for someone to have more than the typical four wisdom teeth. These extra teeth, which can erupt after your original wisdom teeth have been extracted, are called supernumerary teeth.

According to a 2015 study of more than 7,300 people, you have about a 2% chance of having supernumerary teeth. They can appear anywhere in the mouth and aren’t typically a surprise, because they usually show up on standard dental X-rays.

Hyperdontia is the condition of having extra teeth grow in:

Hyperdontia is a condition that causes too many teeth to grow in your mouth. These extra teeth are sometimes called supernumerary teeth. They can grow anywhere in the curved areas where teeth attach to your jaw.

The 20 teeth that grow in when you’re a child are known as primary, or deciduous, teeth. The 32 adult teeth that replace them are called permanent teeth. You can have extra primary or permanent teeth with hyperdontia, but extra primary teeth are more common.

What are the symptoms of hyperdontia?

The main symptom of hyperdontia is the growth of extra teeth directly behind or close to your usual primary or permanent teeth. These teeth usually appear in adults. They’re twice as common in men than they are in women.

Do you need treatment for hyperdontia?

Many people with hyperdontia don’t need any treatment. Others may need to have some or all of their extra teeth removed to avoid any other problems.

Make sure to tell your doctor about any feelings of pain, discomfort, swelling, or weakness in your mouth if you have hyperdontia. Can wisdom teeth grow back after they’ve been removed? If your wisdom teeth have been surgically removed, they won’t grow back.

However, you might be one of the few people who have more than the typical four wisdom teeth. These extra teeth may be referred to as supernumerary teeth. Extra teeth can appear anywhere in your mouth and aren’t necessarily wisdom teeth.

Here at Alfano Oral Surgery, we can help you with any of your issues or concerns. If you have hyperdontia you may have overcrowding in your mouth. Contact us to schedule an appointment so we can evaluate the issue.

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