Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

What is Pre-Prosthetic Surgery?

The term Pre-Prosthetic Surgery refers to the preparation of your mouth before the placement of a dental prosthesis such as a removable denture or implant. Dentures need to rest over your gums which cover the bony ridge of your jaw. So Pre-Prosthetic surgery ensures the bony ridge is smooth and prepared properly to make sure your dentures fit comfortably and properly in your mouth.

Is Surgery Necessary?

Not all patients will require pre-prosthetic surgery. Due to many factors, transitioning to dentures might not always go as smoothly as it does for others. The one way to make sure you have a comfortable fit and good experience with dentures is to have pre-prosthetic surgery done. This will prevent issues like denture slipping, sores in the mouth, eating & speaking difficulties with dentures, and insecure fitting. By reshaping the bone so it is the proper shape and size, it guarantees that you have the maximum level of comfort when wearing the partial or complete dentures. Pre-prosthetic dental surgery is not always necessary for every patient but it is determined after assessing each individual’s mouth.

 Types of Procedures 

  • Bone ridge reduction
  • Bone smoothing & reshaping
  • Removal of excess soft tissue or bone

Schedule a Consultation with an Oral Surgeon

The only way to tell if you will need pre-prosthetic surgery is to schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon will run x-rays and conduct a visual examination. Once this is complete, they will provide you with recommendations for what type of pre-prosthetic surgery is needed.

Thinking of getting a partial or complete denture? Call Alfano Oral Surgery to schedule a consultation. Dr. Alfano will review your individual case and determine what type of pre-prosthetic surgery may be needed before dentures can be placed. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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