Post-Operative Sinus Precautions

Because your upper jaw is in close proximity to your sinus, special precautions must be taken to ensure proper healing.  If your oral surgeon has recommended sinus precautions for you after surgery, here are some directions that will help to protect your sinus and aid in healing.  

  1. SMOKING – We recommend that you refrain from smoking while you are healing. Smoking reduces healing and can make recovery more difficult.
  2. MEDICATION – Always take prescribed medication as directed such as antibiotics and prescription mouth rinses. 
  3. ACTIVITY – Avoid activity that may put added pressure on your sinus such as exercise, bending over, or any other strenuous activity. If you are a swimmer, please tell us so we can advise you on how long to wait until you resume.
  4. NOSE BLOWING – Do not blow your nose during the healing process. If you find your nose is stuffy, you may take an over-the-counter decongestant.  
  5. SNEEZING – If you feel that you need to sneeze, keep your nostrils and mouth open when sneezing. *Do not close your nose and hold a sneeze as this could increase pressure on your sinus.
  6. NO STRAWS – Do not drink from a straw post-surgery.
  7. RINSING – Avoid vigorous rinsing and do not spit after surgery. If you have been prescribed a mouth rinse or advised to rinse with warm salt water, gently rinse and let the liquid fall from your mouth into a cup or sink.
  8. NOSE BLEEDING – Patients may notice some bleeding from the nose post-surgery, which is part of the healing process and should resolve within a few days. If you experience bleeding, do not pinch your nostrils.  

*Please contact us if you experience prolonged nasal bleeding or feel water in your nose when you drink liquids.

Following your oral surgery, it is important to carefully follow all post-operative instructions. Failure to follow sinus precautions can result in healing complications that can cause serious health implications.  

While most of these precautions are for a 2–7-day period, please follow these precautions for the amount of time your oral surgeon has directed.  If you are unsure about any instructions or have any further questions, please contact our office at 717-551-1511.